National Geographic's Mapping tool to create your own maps.

Explore the basics of ArcGIS through pre-made maps.

 Wide variety of GIS and mapping resources. 

 Manipulate two Google Earths side by side! 

 Lot's of great mashup maps here.

Compare your income to other families in the USA.

USDA interactive map on food access and food deserts.

Maps distorted by demographic information.

You can manipulate the world. 

Wide variety of maps including an extensive historical collection.

An animated map with annotation.

View internal migration within the United States by. 

Watch moving maps change as history unfolds.

Breathing Earth demonstrates birth and death rates and the impact on populations in real time.

Marine Traffic Map. Where is that ship? 

View the Earth from space at night with this stunning composite map. 

Great Geography Geek stuff.

Where is it? How can you get there? 

Google Map on steroids. Awesome Geography.

Wait, why are we changing maps?

Geography is important because it enables us to map the land and oceans and helps us to understand our changing environment and what effects those changes can have on all our lives. 
(Jennifer Walsby)