Want to practice your Geography skills?

 This game uses street view from Google Earth. Basically it is like you just fell from the sky and you have to guess where on Earth you are. It is really easy to get addicted to this one. You can walk around and zoom in on street signs for clues about your location. We play a round or two in class when we finish assignments early. Check it out here.

If you enjoyed Geoguesser, you will quickly become addicted to Locatestreet. Like Geoguesser it uses Google Street images. This game gives you clues and you actually have multiple choices to choose from. Don't let that fool you, this game is more complicated because if you choose the correct location, you get a second round. In round two you have to pinpoint the location on a map. Points are alloted and tallied as they are earned. Give it a try!

Enjoy the birds eye view? Can you name countries just by looking at aerial photographs?  Each round is categorized, you get three lives and opportunities for replay should you lose. 


Lizard Point Map Quizzes are another great way to test your Geography skills and beef them up. These games will sometimes give you clues to point you in the right direction as you earn various points answering questions.

Ten random questions to train your brain for the National Geographic Geography Bee. Enjoy!

Would you be able to survive in a "under developed"country?

Who gets the money when you purchase that latte? Who do you think should be getting your coffee dollar?

Didn't realize that slavery is still around? Take this quiz to find out if your purchases are supporting slave labor.

Don't let the power go to your head. You are the mayor and make decisions that will impact energy and the environment in your ElectroCity.

The stuff in your closet didn't just magically appear. Complete a survey about your stuff to learn about globalization. 

Political Geography confusing you? Play the ReDistricting game!
It helps if you read the FAQ and follow the directions.

Do you have what it takes to run a multibillion dollar fast food industry?
Give it a try with the McDonalds video game. The tutorial is helpful.

Ok, so you know some capitals, but can you spell them? Can you complete this?

Want to practice with a pop quiz? Here is a link to about a hundred practice tests. 

Geography is important because if you don't understand your surrounding environment, and don't consider the context in which you live, you will live a very narrow life indeed.  Geography opens your eyes to the world and allows you to respect other cultures and religions, whilst marvelling in the genius of the world's mechanics. Geography allows you to learn about all that is around you - surely this makes it the most relevant subject possible?
(Ceri Higgins)